Konig Racing 2023: a Short Message

Konig Racing 2023: a Short Message

The 2023 racing period is coming to an end. PAR proudly sponsored and supported Stuart and Jannie. They represented us in every race they did!

A message from Stuart Konig: "From myself and Jannie, we would like to thank you very much for your support throughout the 2023 season. From my side this year started off poorly with a DNF in the first round of the championship at the Passion for Speed Festival. The only other set back I had was an unfortunate accident involving a number of cars, the aftermath can be seen in one of the images. Other than these two incidents I had a fantastic and super clean season completing all other races without any mishaps. Through a lot off effort and perseverance myself and Jannie achieved the following results:

 Stuart Konig Results:

1st in Class C

1st in Index of Performance

2nd in the Overall Championship (by a mere 2 points)


Jannie van Rooyen Results:

2nd in Class C

6th in Index of Performance

10th in the Overall Championship"

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