130kg Fishing Magnet with two Eye Bolts & Double sided

The PAR 130kg Fishing Magnet Kit contains a magnet capable of pulling 130kg under the right circumstances. The kit also comes with a 10m rope that can hold 1200kg and a carabiner suited for these weights. Also included is a set of gloves, and all this comes in a bucket to put your treasure in once you go 'magnet fishing'.

The magnet has 2 attaching points on the top and side. Also included is a Thread lock to ensure the magnet does not come loose. It is suggested attaching the magnet to the flat side. This way the pulling force is strongest when you are attached to a thick piece of metal. Attaching the eye bolt to the side means you have 2 sides to catch metal objects but may slide off heavy objects.

With great power comes great responsibility, this magnet is very strong and should be used with great care and respect.
Do not catch your fingers in between this magnet and a metal object or another magnet.
Do not attach this fishing magnet to a thick piece of metal outside of water or without a buffer like a rubber pad. This magnet can shatter when attached to a thick piece of metal outside of water if not attached slowly
Please give the magnet a rinse after use. The fishing magnet will not rust but particles attached to it might.
Store away from electronic devices.

What's in the box:
ProAuto Rubber 130kg Fishing magnet
10l bucket
10m rope
Eye bolt

Magnet specs:

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