Latex Liquid Rubber 1L (60% Raw) is used for many applications including inflatable boat sealing, mould-making, custom rubber bands, SFX and much more.
Dried latex tends to stick to itself, to prevent this - powder the surface with talc powder when dry. For applications such as mould-making apply a thin first coat and leave it to dry for 24h. Each layer has to fully dry before applying the next one. Latex is classified as a non-dangerous product when used responsibly with these measures:-
Use in a well-ventilated area. Do not let the liquid latex come in contact with bruised or sensitive skin. Use a respirator when working with high volumes of exposed liquid latex.-Latex is an allergen, if you have an allergic reaction to latex consult a doctor immediately.

Used for:
SFX makeup
Paint Masking
Rubber Duck Sealing
Paint Additive
Custom Elastic Bands

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