PAR Pool Heating Solar Magic Panel 0.6m X 3m Kit

PAR Solar Magic Pool Heating Panel System Kit.

This solar pool heating panel kit features a 600mm X 3000mm solar panel complete with fittings, perfect for expanding with multiple panels or enhancing existing arrays. However, please note that this panel kit alone does not function as a pool heating system. To complete installation, a vacuum breaker, piping, and elbows are required.

This solar pool heating panel kit includes:

  • 2x union assemblies
  • 8x pop rivets
  • 2m webbing
  • 4x black holder bats
  • 1x 600mm by 3000mm PAR solar magic panel
  • PTFE tape

(PVC pipe is not included to keep shipping costs low)

For optimal results, pair this solar pool heating panel kit with PAR general or vacuum breaker kit during installation.

Access the installation guide from our downloads page.

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