PAR Solar Magic Panel 600mm x 3m Kit

PAR Solar Magic Pool Heating System Panel Kit Our solar panel kit contains one 600mm X 3000mm solar panel with fittings. This kit can be bought as an upgrade for an existing array or multiple panels and additional kits can be bought depending on pool size for a brand new system.

This Panel kit will not work on its own as a heating system and needs a vacuum breaker, piping and elbows to install. Have a look at our vacuum breaker valve kit and general DIY kits for a convenient solution. Otherwise you will have to buy these items your self at your local hardware store.

This kit includes:

  • 2x Union assemblies
  • 8x Pop rivets
  • 2m Webbing
  • 4x black holder bats
  • 1x 600mm by 3000mm PAR solar magic panel
  • PTFE Tape

PVC pipe not included to keep shipping costs low.

Download the installation guide on our downloads page.

Pool solarpanel

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