Rubber Tyre Protector / Wheel Rest 475 x 200 x 85

With the PAR Rubber Tire Protector/Wheel Rest you can protect your tires from flat spots due to prolonged periods of storage! With the flat-free tire savers you can confidently store your vehicle knowing that the tires will not develop flat spots. Flat spots can cause vibrations on the steering and inconsistent handling due to the wheel being unbalanced. Driving on flat spots can even develop a large puncture! Worry-Free: with the flat free tire savers, you can leave your vehicle parked as long as you want and you won't have to worry about the tires again. These non-slip, tire savers can carry 8 ton's weight. These tire savers are built to last for years and years and will give you peace of mind that your new of classic vehicle's tyres will be protected and retain their durability and safety. What's in the box 1 X PAR Rubber Tire Protector/Wheel Rest 475 x 200 x 85

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